2020 and the NEW Council #2014

2020 and the NEW Council #2014

2020 and the NEW Council #2014

They say that “hindsight is always 20/20,” and in hindsight we should have done something much sooner. Our once-proud council
has fallen into disarray and is near death. Only a few brothers come to meetings, we can not fill a slate of officers, and we can hardly muster enough Knights to put on an activity.

They also say that 20/20 is considered perfect vision, and, in 2020, your council leadership has decided that it is way past time to revitalize our council and bring it back to the vibrant, active council it once was!

2020 marks the 101st year of Council 2014’s existence. What better way to start our Council’s second century than for each and every member of Council 2014 to pledge to themselves and their Brother Knights that they will become more active in our Council!

We have a lot of interesting and fun activities and events planned for the coming year. We will be having a Thank-a-Cop Rally at Nampa Police Headquarters to show our support for local law enforcement officers. We will be joining with the St. Paul’s Right to Life Group to oppose abortion at their vigils outside Planned Parenthood and at their
Rosary Rallies. There will be social evenings with our families where we will have pot-luck dinners and listen to interesting speakers. We will put on our Lenten Fish Fry Dinners and Sunday Breakfasts.

In order for all of this to happen we need your help! Are you in?

Dave King, our new Financial Secretary and Retention Chairman, will be contacting all of our members. When he calls you, Just Say YES to being an active member of this Council!

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